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Obstacle Courses for Rent

Challenging riders to push through a wall of inflated columns and crawl-through tunnels to race up the climbing wall and slide down to finish game. The first racer that reaches to the destination is the winner. An Obstacle Course is sure to be a great addition at every events and family backyard party with its rainbow theme to make eye catching.

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Obstacle courses are often similar to bounce houses but they are more engaging for children. They are often great for teenagers to race each one another through the course to determine who is the fastest.
Our inflatable obstacle courses are made of tough materials with an particular attention to reinforcement seams for added durability. By this, your guests are sure to have endless hours of turning, twisting Climbs, and Slides ! Our Obstacle Courses are known as Crowdpleasers and lots of fun for all ages.
The inflatable obstacle course is fun and instructive. It can be used to teach children how to interact with others. Inflatable obstacle courses can be utilized indoors to help children participate in various activities. With the many types and sizes of inflatable obstacle courses, children can leap through hoops, compete with one another, and push each different obstacles and have a lot of fun.
There are many sizes and designs to choose from when you are looking for inflatable obstacle courses. The colorful structure will entice youngsters and make your event an absolute success. There are 35-foot obstacle course as well as a larger inflatable obstacle course that are available in 40 and 65 foot sizes, too. Two children can compete and pass all the obstacles on the majority of inflatable obstacle courses.
You can climb, push through, crawl through, race, platform, and slide down the inflatable obstacle castle with a height of 65 feet.